Meet the Founder

Antoinette Igebu - Founder & Chief Creator, Emike Luxury

Hi there!

My name is Antoinette Chris-Oguta - a certified skincare formulator, self-care enthusiast and founder of Emike Luxury.

I was born in Nigeria and I have fond memories of growing up with my mom giving my siblings and I baths using African Black Soap (mixed with herbs) and slathering us with Shea Butter afterwards. We would always receive compliments about how radiant our skin looked and my mom was frequently asked to share her skincare secrets. Looking back, I believe my passion for self care was in part shaped by this but I would not realize this till much later.

I never had problematic skin as a teenager but this changed in 2017 when my face began developing painful acne which was later linked to hormonal imbalance. Nothing prepared me for the hit that gave to my confidence. Trying to treat this with facial peels and some recommended products was all to no avail and this left me distraught so I decided to seek professional help. Eventually, I considered naturopathic medicine as I wanted to deal with the root cause of my predicament and not just the symptoms. I learned about how my diet (and certain other factors) was affecting my gut health - which plays a major role in overall health.

Tired and desperate to get rid of the painful acne that had now spread all over my face, I had a colon cleanse and also adjusted my diet. The improvements I noticed were immediate! My skin improved and the other symptoms I was experiencing disappeared. I was fascinated and this piqued my interest! I started researching and learning about herbal remedies, holistic nutrition, aromatherapy and the ingredients on my food & skincare labels. 

I got pregnant with my first child shortly after and this led me to become more intentional about what I put in and on my body but it was a struggle finding high quality skincare products that were clean, accessible & most importantly, effective. The acne was gone but now I had to find solutions for my hyperpigmentation and I realized how unsafe most products on store shelves were. Gleaning from my academic science background & love for research, I began formulating personal care products for my family and I. With time, I was formulating for immediate family & friends who gave great feedback. I decided to take courses on skincare formulation & that led me down the path to getting certified. What started out as a hobby became a passion and EMIKE LUXURY was born.

Emike is my mother's first name and has its roots in the Etsako tribe of Nigeria. It means 'my desire' and that meaning, combined with honouring my mother who bequeathed sacred self-care secrets to me, inspire this brand and embody the true essence of Emike Luxury: my desire to create a fulfilling experience of true luxury - health, wellness and beauty - for you, your skin and in your home.

Each product at Emike Luxury is made using natural (organic when possible), high quality, ethically sourced ingredients and potent botanical extracts to create luxurious self-care treats and decadent home fragrances that are free of toxins and fillers, effective and at approachable price points because you deserve luxury. All our treats are lovingly and meticulously made by hand & in small batches to ensure same quality; helping your skin thrive & keeping your personal space more blissful.

My hope is that my products create pockets of peace that give you something to look forward to every day.