About the Brand

What does "Emike" mean?

“Emike” means my desire in Etsako, the native language of the Etsako tribe in Nigeria.

Where is Emike Luxury based?

We are based out of our studio in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Products and ingredients

Are your products natural?

Yes, we use high quality natural ingredients to formulate our products. Detailed lists of ingredients can be found on each product page in the shop.

Are your products certified organic?

Our skin treats are formulated with the highest quality of certified and non-certified organic ingredients. The package on each product will indicate ingredients that are certified organic, but this does not mean the other ingredients are not organic or held at a high standard of purity.

Do you test on animals?

Never. We test on voluntary people only.

What is the shelf life of your products?

Our products have a shelf life of 6 -12 months, however if cared for properly, they can last longer. All products should be kept out of direct sunlight, heat, and humid conditions. Make sure to always keep lid tightly closed. Full information can be found on each product page in the shop.

Are your products suitable for all skin tones?

Yes! Beauty has no skin tone.

How safe are your fragrances?

Our fragrances are paraben-free and phthalate-free which makes them safer for you and the environment. 


Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We ship worldwide. For more information on shipping & returns, please click here.


How do I order wholesale or become a stockist?

If you would like to become an official Emike Luxury stockist, please send an email to hello@emikeluxury.com or fill the form on our contact  page.