Emike Earth

A picture of Emike Luxury Genesis CollectionAt Emike Luxury, every day is Earth Day. Sustainability is our ultimate goal and we are constantly taking conscious steps to contributing to the protection of this beautiful planet called Earth that has been gifted to us. We urge you to do the same.

Emike Earth is an expression of our contribution towards building a better planet by making more sustainable choices as a brand. In that regard, here are some choices we are making:


We ensure that the ingredients used in all our products are free of nasties, cruelty-free, ethically sourced, fair trade and in some cases, certified organic. 


From our eco-friendly, recyclable corrugated shipping boxes to our biodegradeable packing peanuts that dissolve within seconds of coming in contact with moisture so that no waste is left behind to our eco-friendly packaging tape & tissue (using soy-based inks and 100% FSC certified acid-free paper), we are making sure we do our part to reducing our carbon footprint.

We currently use Recyclable Pete/Pet jars and bottle and as time goes, will gradually make the switch to glass which is safer to reuse and can be properly sanitized.

Return, Repurpose or Recycle Program

This program will be rolled out in different phases. For our first phase, we urge you  to repurpose your PET jars and bottles into something useful (a stationery holder, mini plant pot, dish soap dispenser, flower vase, be creative!) or recycle them. As we gradually make the switch to glass, we would roll out the second phase which would involve you being able to return your jars/bottles for refills and/or a discount off your future purchase.